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Babe Kilgore is an author and serial entrepreneur. His programs and companies have generated over 500 Million in sales, and counting. Babe has studied the art of sales and communication for the past 15 plus years. His knowledge of the nuances of communication, both verbal and non-verbal, is clearly apparent in his writing. His high level understanding of sales, communication, and business has secured him positions on the board and in advisory roles for several large companies.

In 2015 Babe authored “Non-Confrontational Sales: A Modern Sales Guide To Rapidly Improving In-Home Sales”. His book has become a valued resource for many companies that utilize direct selling, or employ sales teams. The book is available on Amazon, and lays out in great detail how the old-school method of aggressive, pushy salesmanship is dead, and non-confrontational selling is in.

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    Non-Confrontational Sales: A Modern Sales Guide To Rapidly Improving In-Home Sales.

    Confrontational sales is dead. I buried it in my backyard. I didn’t kill it. It’s just the time we live in. This is the era of non-confrontational sales theory, which teaches direct sellers like you how to master the most difficult of all the sales practices – face to face selling.

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